On matters of Ackee, Saltfish and Scamming.

Jamaica has become known as much for this mess of a lottery scam, as its national dish. Having its genesis within the last decade in our second city, the lottery scam has become an unsightly blemish on an already tarnished international reputation.

In May 2012, Karl Walker of the Jamaica Observer wrote an article summarising the lottery scam and its impact. Please see the link below.


With that introduction aside, onto the meat or rather the ackee and saltfish of the matter. When a government official is arrested in association with the notorious lottery scam, what do you do? Well if you’re the president of the PNP, you shut up (more so than usual). The PM’s silence on this matter is deafening. A deputy mayor (Mayor Troupe) and a councillor are arrested and you and your party continue to sidestep the issue. The deputy Mayor takes a leave of absence (while commendable) on taxpayer dollars and what do you do? Play some more dandy shandy with voting populace.

Why not act on your politically fueled, election securing diatribe about a zero tolerance policy for corruption. Is not now the time to act?

Check out this blurb from today’s TVJ news

PM remains mum on arrested party members

And, this article from the Jamaica Observer


Stone flung. Let’s hear the squeals.


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