Independence and chinese manufacturing

Made in China: that’s really what we should see stamped over our map. We sold our schools and roads to Chinese manufacturers, and now we’ve sold the symbolism of our independence; Carolyn Cooper checked with the distributors according to her article in yesterday’s Gleaner.

Why cheapen independence? 50years reduced to a half constructed “village” and a soundstage at the national stadium? A song marred in controversy? Warring factions of Government?

Does anyone under age 30 know anything of Jamaica’s rich culture outside of dancehall prancing, scamming and running? What happened to kumina, maypole, dinky mini, caricatures, jonkanoo? A grand gala is simply not enough to celebrate 50years as an independent nation. We should pour our pride as the one of the richest and most diverse islands the Antilles unto every pavement of this country.

It is simply a crying shame that our independence celebration has been warred over, ecomomised and now sold to the lowest bidder.

Happy 50th Jamaica. I shed a tear for you.


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