Good hair/Bad hair

Good hair/Bad hair

All are in uproar about Gabby Douglas’ hair. Apparently, while trying to win Olympic Gold (the first for an African American in Gymnastics) and after having been only the second African American to make the US team, she neglected to get her hair did (pat that weave).


To paraphrase Madonna: “So?”


I’m intrigued by the concept of good hair. Culturally, and because of racial inferiority, we are driven by the need to imitate the white woman. To that end, every 6 weeks, women the world over, sit in a salon chair and plaster hair relaxer unto their hair and scalp. It burns, scars and some of us have even lost our hair. It’s been linked to cancer and increased frequency of headaches. We slowly poison ourselves.


The silver lining of the nappy headed cloud is that some of us have begun to wake up and embrace kinkiness. We sport our dreads, cornrows (or canerows). We “walk out” and flash the natty and I am proud.




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