Jamaica 5Olympics?

Is it me, or is Jamaica 50 more about Olympic Gold than anything else? Don’t get me wrong, as I said in my previous post, I’m an Olympic wagonist. I’m all up in the carriage of this bandwagon, wearing national colours and chanting for another 1, 2, 2 in every track event where this more than one Jamaican. I am also pleased to see that we have united in the quest for Olympic glory and it is simply prolific that our Independence celebration will have been paired with multiple Olympic wins. Don’t get me wrong.


However, this is our 50th year of independence. Not many of us recall colonial, pound and shilling Jamaica. Not may of us were present for our fight to independence. Not many of us recall Sir Alexander Bustamante as our first Prime Minister in a post colonial Jamaica. I am grateful for what educational effort the Government has made, but along with Olympic coverage, analysis and post mortems, we should be inundated by our colourful history. We should be wearing black, green and gold simply because we are Jamaican and we are a proud nation. The 30th Olympiad and our myriad of athletes should be the proverbial cherry atop a big, tasty independence cake!


There is so much more to Jamaica than fun, frolick and Olympic glory. Examine its depth.


PS. We will be visited by TS Ernesto in another day or so. My message is this: DO NOT interrupt cellphone or Television (or internet for that matter) service. For as a country, we will hunt you down and gut you. Thanks in advance for the cool temperatures and the much needed (but not too heavy) rains.


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