The slackness here is lack of vision

In today’s Gleaner an article was published about a 14 year old girl, who while being tried for murder, was not known to be pregnant. She has since given birth.

Above is the link to the article.

Does anyone else here think that the focus is a bit askew? Not that is isn’t reprehensible that she has been impregnated by an adult and not that is isn’t commendable that both her parents are being held responsible; but the pregnancy is just a symptom of a larger disease.

Simply put, the child is ill and needs help. Why do we suffer from such grave myopia?! This CHILD, was convicted of MURDER and is being tried on ASSAULT. She needs help, both from social and psychiatric services. It’s not commonplace for even the most wayward 13 year old to stab someone in the neck. But we focus on the belly and how she’s been wronged in that respect.

She was wronged by the system that failed to recognise her symptoms early, by the system that failed to rehabilitate her and by the system who continues to fail by focussing on he pregnancy.

Social and psychiatric services for children should focus on identification of those in need and rehabilitation, instead of trying to out the fire when children end up pregnant and killing people.

Stone thrown.


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