Blame JLP/Bruce/The Sun: anything, but ourselves

Fellow Jamaicans, the long awaited conference has arrived! The incumbent People’s National Party will be holding it’s general conference this saturday and sunday, the public session being held this Sunday at the National Arena.

And it’s going to be a blame party. Euphemistic in his spiel spinning, The hon Peter Bunting alluded to letting the public know the country his party inherited, so as to be able to chart a course ahead. I say this is more smoke and mirrors, magic trickery and obeah to delude and mislead the Jamaican populace. The utter and unabashed failure of our incumbent Government CANNOT be soley attributable to what they inherited. Did you not sit in the same Parliament as the JLP during its Governance? And what of your unkept and unmet campaign promises? How can one blame bruce/andrew/TS Issac for that? Look within and accept your shortcomings or would that prove too painful and humiliating?

This isn’t about bettering or improving our country, but rather, it is about power and the desire thereof. This is about politics and deception and that deception shall continue as we stagnate ourselves by blaming the past for our lack of ability to shape our future.

Stone Thrown.