Volkswagen, Jamaica thanks you!

Hey, Volkswagen, thanks yuh hear? Bless yuh heart!


Come on get happy!



Because of you and your ad (and Jimmy Cliff, of course), everybody is talking about us. “Come on get happy” spells, come to our island, vacay, chill, enjoy, SPEND.


In perhaps the rarest show of bipartisanship, both the opposition and incumbent government endorse the ad and are looking to capitalise.


Opposition Leader Hon Andrew Holness (bless his heart) had this to say via facebook:


Opposition Spokesman for Tourism and former Minister, Mr. Edmund Bartlett said today that he and Opposition Leader and former Prime Minister Andrew Holness view positively one of the Volkwagen’s 2013 Superbowl ads focused entirely on a happy theme buttressed by a man with a Jamaican accent. The ad campaign Mr. Bartlett says is a perfect illustration of Jamaican culture’s global reach and our uncharacteristic penchant to be happy even in challenging situations.

This Mr. Bartlett says is underlined by the fact that Jamaica consistently ranks high on global happiness indices. He pointed out that with brand Jamaica showcased so prominently as a “happy” destination, we will only grow stronger and better.

Mr. Bartlett urged the Minister of Tourism, Dr. Wykeham McNeill to move swiftly in reorienting marketing strategies to maximize the positive effects of the multi-million dollar VW Ad campaign and as such bring more tourists to our shores. “


And Via Go-Jamaica, Tourism Minister Wykeham McNeill, echoed those sentiments:


So, again bless yuh heart Volkswagen. I will buy a polo in your honour. If Americans want to buy a Bob Marley CD and come to Jamaica, let them. If they want to champion our cause as a little black island of black happy people (Sorry German immigrants of Seaforth Town, you don’t exist), let them. As long as everybody’s talking about Jamaica, I’m happy. Come on, get happy, yeah!


Get a life. The ad fool fool but it funny!

So Americans have gone to fight for a country who

1. Doesn’t care
2. Is too busy laughing
3. Is in deep contemplation about how to make money from this,

Over an ad that volkswagen plans to use for Superbowl 2013.

Here’s the ad and the white lady acting a fool saying how offended SHE is about black people, with black accents because every Jamaican is black and hanging from a tree or smoking weed with Bob Marley.

White Lady acting a fool

In complaining about a stereotype, she stereotyped us and offended us. Good job, lady.

Now, the ad is stupid, but stupidly funny. I’m not offended, in fact, I’m ready to knit a rasta tam and dance beside Jimmy Cliff as I usher you into NMIA (Norman Manley International Airport) and onto a beach to spend some tourist dollars. (Come on Wykham McNeil, dollar signs here!). What offends me is that as always, the US caucasian has invited itself into a battle that:

1. Doesn’t exist
2. It has no invitation to

Nobody asked you for your opinion and we as a country (an eclectic mix of races, backgrounds and opinions) hereby invite you to come to Jamaica mon, get happy and spend money. We have debt to pay and an IMF deal to sign.

Stone flung.