Jamaicans spoof the VW ad

I love the part where dude shows up for work 7 minutes early. That’s definitely a German influence!

Go SANDALS! Way to promote tourism!


And I thought Sista P was the major economic problem

Anybody priiips the Sunday Gleaner?


Yuh realise we paying the head of the Half-Way-Tree transport centre the same as the Prime Minister of Jamaica? No wonder why she hike her salary, I woulda do the same ting too…She has a ways to go to catch the CEO of the Port Authority though.


With all this talk of bitter medicine and tightening our pockets, with the mention of the previous government’s whatnot, isn’t it just a bit hypocritical that Sista P, under her watch, has  allowed such wanton spending.


This government has waived taxes, bought cars, hiked salaries and hired consultants (for what, I don’t know) while telling us to accept a wage freeze and pay more for bus fare and patty. (Patty? The blasphemy, sacrilege). It seems to be one big patty shop with free handouts at Jamaica House and they haven’t the gall to hide it…


Government officials should remember that as primary servants, they CHOSE to apply for a job in a cash strapped company. Accept our company car and the salary we are able to pay, instead of stripping, raping and gallivanting on our already thin budget.


Stone Flung.