Jamaicans spoof the VW ad

I love the part where dude shows up for work 7 minutes early. That’s definitely a German influence!

Go SANDALS! Way to promote tourism!


Deplorable Conditions at KPH

Deplorable Conditions at KPH

All are in uproar about the deplorable conditions at KPH since the Jamaica Gleaner wrote and published a searing expose on Sunday 22nd July 2012.


This calls to mind many things:


1. Like we didn’t already know. Why are we so embarrassed about the exposure of the pink and DIRTY elephant that’s been in the room since whappie kill phillo?

2. Like it wasn’t necessary: Successive governments have turned a blind eye on health care for decades. Now, on the eve of our 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence, is the best time for use to set aside apathy and face the truth.

3. This gives medical professionals the ammunition with which to lobby the government for better and more sanitary working conditions. Poor Fenton, caught with his tail between his legs, may just have to stop waxing philosophical about a new hospital and fix the ones we already have.

4. As an adjunct, please note that the health budget was CUT by this government. So, let’s return to #1 and #2: Like we didn’t know and like this wasn’t necessary.


Stone Thrown. Pigs Squeal.